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Создание информационных систем управления для органов государственной власти из Красноярска

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  • E-mail: demidzolotukhin@yandex.ru

Website of Smoindance Dance School


My friends Kirill and Tatyana Smoliny somehow asked me .. – “Demid, are you there like a” computer man “.. make us a website?” – “Yes Easy!!”

They rated the work in 20 individual lessons for an hour and a half, shook hands and began to work.

The Smolins couple is one of the leaders in the rating of the Union of Dance Sports of Russia in the Latin American program of sports ballroom dancing. Masters of Sports of Russia


The filling of the site made me wait a long time due to the heavy workload of my dear customers. I think that in the near future the site will be completely filled with real content and will work at full capacity.


The style of the site based on hand-drawn illustrations was chosen because the idea of ​​making the site cool in pictures did not let me go for many years. And when the order came from the sphere of show business, I realized that this was a chance to translate an artistic experiment into reality. The art part was taken over by Daria Avetisyan, a brilliant artist with an individual unique style. Your humble servant helped in choosing a perspective and of course sketches for the interface of the future site.

From the technological features of the site, look perfectly at the “flight” of the training halls map. It is executed on the basis of Yandex map API. Image optimization and loading means LazyLoad.

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Женские туфли для латиноамериканской программы полностью раскрвают всю нежность женской сексуальности! Высокий каблук, открыты взъем стопы и стразы

Иллюстрация женских туфлей для латины сайта Smolindace.ru. Разработка сайтов в Красноярске

С мужскими туфлями все значительно проще ввиду классически требований к дизайну во избежании лука как у Сергея Зверева. Танцоры на свой вкус выбирают лаковые либо классические кожанные туфли

Иллюстрация мужских туфлей для латины сайта Smolindace.ru. Разработка сайтов в Красноярске

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