Конструкторское бюро Золотухина

Создание информационных систем управления для органов государственной власти из Красноярска

  • Тел.: +7 (923) 354-02-48
  • E-mail: demidzolotukhin@yandex.ru

Website development studio Redin


The guys from the Moscow studio turned to me with an interesting offer to work well at their office. High-quality development of an adaptive website on CMS WordPress was required. The design claimed a lot of SVG elements and nice animations, and I gladly got down to business


A nice minimalistic site with a modern interface and animated transitions now pleases owners and potential customers


Recently, I began to use the Gulp frontend auto-assembly system. This library has many useful tools, such as SVG sprites. SVG objects that are assembled in a sprite are very convenient to manage through CSS in terms of effects when you hover over the mouse, which was just what was required in the project task.

The animation on the screen saver was done through CSS3 animation – a property of keyframes.


Разработка сайта студии Redin. Главная страница


Разработка сайта студии Redin CMYK Engineering. Страница проекта


Разработка сайта студии Reding. Страница Контактов

Interface animation

Разработка сайта студии Redin. Анимация интерфейса