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Создание информационных систем управления для органов государственной власти из Красноярска

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Website development by Sibdrevstroy


Develop a site for a team of conscientious working men who will enthusiastically undertake the construction of any object in your area. The site should attract new customers and add loyalty points to existing customers. The design of the site should be as pleasant as possible, since the company is engaged in building the future! the house is where the future is created and the children are raised.


The cellar walks the walker !!! Smoke from the pipe! Bear and Nicodemus play drama with Theophanes. !! -
With such an eerie song, your obedient servant uploaded the result to the world wide web at sibdrevstroj.ru. I am sure that the site will be developed and filled with useful information on construction repair and housekeeping.


Site development began with a selection of photo material for design. The brightest and deepest and most interesting photography was chosen for the design. The frontend of the site is made on the Bootstrap3 library. Pipe smoke animation is made on HTML5.

The site runs on a WordPress management system. The best system for developing small sites

The site still has a good mobile version which is assembled on a separate topic. The decision to develop a mobile version on a separate topic came from the fact that the desktop has many design things that need to be removed from the mobile. So it made no sense to use the same code

— Главная страница —

Разработка сайта Сибдревстрой. Главная страница

— О компании —

Разработка сайта Сибдревстрой. Страница о компании

— Объекты —

Разработка сайта Сибдревстрой. Страница Объектов

— Объекты —

Разработка сайта Сибдревстрой. Страница видов работ

— Мобильные версии —

Разработка сайта Сибдревстрой. Мобильная версия главной страницы
Разработка сайта Сибдревстрой. Мобильная версия страницы Объектов
Разработка сайта Сибдревстрой. Мобильная версия страницы О Компании
Разработка сайта Сибдревстрой. Вид всплывающего меню