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Medical drugs search system


As I sit quietly working a warm August day, doing HTML / CSS / JS frontend for a site about a conference on blockchain technologies and suddenly a phone call is issued.
They say – “Hi! You need to urgently make a system for use at the terminal Cross.”

I did not immediately understand that from me though at all, with terminals and similar systems never worked and I know that these devices work on Widows applications. However, I was persuaded to come to the headquarters of the “Provincial pharmacies” and showed a large stand with an interactive screen. The Terminal Cruise is intended for online help for state visitors. facilities and adapted for persons with disabilities.

For the provincial pharmacy specialists, it was a difficult task to launch the terminal in a short time before the official opening of the pharmacy # 300. The chic presentation of the new pharmacy could not have taken place without the modern terminal of drug search.


The terminal is designed to search for drugs in the assortment of Pharmacy No. 300, as well as search for drugs in the State Register of Essential Medicines and, most importantly, is adapted for people with disabilities. The first time CMS Wordpress went offline !!

Completed the project in an extremely short time -3 days. The design, frontend and backend based on the Woocommerce, WP All Import, YITH Ajax search modules were urgently developed. The system processes about 15,000 positions and quickly displays autocomplete and relevant search results!


Designing a drug search interface was a priority. There are certain rules for the visual design of such systems, given which the result is a pleasant and easy to use device.

The color scheme was chosen green, in accordance with the corporate identity of the organization “Provincial pharmacies”.

HTML / CSS / JS layout was done on the Bootstrap3 framework. The complexity of the layout was that the internal browser of the Krust terminal was outdated and, even worse, it was probably developed by the programmers of the terminal manufacturers. I was sure that the guys would not complicate their lives and put the usual Google Chrome in the terminal.
As a result, I had to redo the code for the oak standards of the homemade browser of Krust.

The second task is Mass Data Import. Mass import of two large drug registries. Register No. 1 – All pharmacy medicines. Register No. 2 – the state register of vital medicines (the maximum prices for listed medicines are set by law above which it is forbidden to prescribe prices).
Data entry was made using the Wp All Import plugin. The plugin is fast and powerful, which allowed about 15,000 positions to be contributed within an hour.

The third task is to provide a convenient relevant search. The search is implemented on the quick search YITH Ajax search. Asynchronous data transfer Client-Server displays prompts when typing a search word. Setting the importance of keyword parameters improves the accuracy of search results.

I express gratitude for the successful project to all my colleagues and especially to those who dragged the terminal weighing about 80 kg from the 5th floor to the gazelle and from the gazelle to the pharmacy.

Appearance of the device

Разработка системы поиска лекарств для интерактивной справки в Красноярске

Терминал поиска предназначен для использования в аптеках. Быстрый и удобный поиск может рассказать о ценах и наличии лекарственных средств

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Разработка системы поиска лекарств для интерактивной справки в Красноярске

Разработка системы поиска лекарств для интерактивной справки в Красноярске

Разработка системы поиска лекарств для интерактивной справки в Красноярске