Конструкторское бюро Золотухина

Создание информационных систем управления для органов государственной власти из Красноярска

  • Тел.: +7 (923) 354-02-48
  • E-mail: demidzolotukhin@yandex.ru

Development of the presentation site Accent-SB


Develop a beautiful presentation site for the company Accent-SB, Moscow. A site entirely dedicated to the design and installation of access control and management systems. The design developed in the Figma editor contributed to the quick solution to the problem regarding the preparation of interface elements: SVG icons, font sets and images.

The site should detail the description of services and the portfolio of finished works. Implement the sending of applications for calculating the access control system and ordering a call back


The company's website has been successfully put into operation and provides a good conversion to the delight of sales managers and engineers of Accent-SB


There are a lot of scripts in the project which, without using modern development methods, represent a certain laboriousness in implementation. It was decided to use the ES5 syntax that was converted through the Babel service.

Adaptation of Javascript effects for IE11 browser took a lot of time. As you know, ES5 syntax is not perceived by default. This problem was solved thanks to special snippets that allow scripts to run in IE11.

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