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Ballet School website development


Make a beautiful site for the magical art of choreography. The studio unites everyone who cares about the art and magic of dance and their physical and creative development. Experienced teachers work with dancers and dancers of any level and age and prepare their production numbers with pupils.


The site of the choreographic studio is made in the style of the best traditions of the old school web design. Retouched photographs and snapping as a silhouette of the beloved cultural city of Krasnoyarsk create pleasant associations with your favorite city and creative inspiration and charge.

The site works successfully and provides good content for dance groups


Each site development begins with the idea and concept of the image that visitors to the site should see. Even with a large number of high-quality photo material and illustrations, it is not an easy task to assemble in a single color balance and perspective.

It was decided to do the main focus on the leading dancers of the studio. And stylize photos with a beautiful background and panorama of the city of Krasnoyarsk. The feedback form is configured for an example of applications for recording in groups. The schedule of two halls and a presentation of teachers a little lower are indicated.

Interactive Gym Location Map

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